RIP: Sonny Desert Storm – Black Tovero APHA – 1997 – 2016

Sire: Sonny Dee Pill x Sonny Dee Bar     Dam: Desert Doll x Gem Mount

May 16, 1997    382,142 APHA  Stormy’s Pedigree

  One of our top past broodmares.  She is a wonderful, sweet horse.  She passed her disposition and great conformation to her foals.

Sadly we had to say goodbye to her on April 21, 2016.   19 years of love and sweetness lost to our place.  I will miss you my sweet Stormy. I bred and helped her in to the world on a stormy night in May.

After a great start in training this well minded mare got her hind foot caught in some wire and cut her tendon sheeth. She endured 25 operations and came out weight bearing, she could be rideable, but will limp, but not in pain, the limp is from the shorter tendon. Fastest horse on the ranch, even with her injury. Produces huge foals most are homozygous for color. High selling foals with speed to spare and very gentle, trainable attitudes. Sweet mare, easy to handle. Mostly produced black and white foals, but always put a great mind on them, regardless of color, gender or stallion choice.

2014 Colt Montego

2014 Montego

2013 Filly   Sapphire

OBlueApril13 (31) Sapphire

Gorgeous black Tovero  Filly in 2010, Smarty’s Dad is  Colored N Smart.

Awesome build Solid Chocolate Filly in 2011. Hollywoods Dad is Dun It In A Flash

Meet her 2011 Filly Hollywood

2011Hollywood0513 (5)

Stormy's Foals

Skip N The Tango and  Skip Y Two Magic

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