Sold to Germany: Hot White Chocolate – 2006 Grulla Tobiano Gelding

Thank you Doris, Schoko is in Germany now.

Sire: Skip Y Two K            Dam: Jet Cool Poco   

Schoko Pedigree     Born: 05/05/2006     Reg #:  876,729 APHA


Video Mounting & Obstacle        Video Obstacle Ride          Video with Shannon Allison Riding a Pattern

We rode him in October 2010 in a Poker Ride in the Owyhees which also featured obstacles and versatility, he managed to get us an additional card at each station. We followed along some Wild Horses and he just looked at them with curiousity. Loped him through water and up and down tiny trails, never a wrong step.

He can be ridden in just a halter, neck reins well already and has a good whoa.

He has participated in a couple of Parades, like the 4th of July Parade in Idaho City. We ride through that town a lot and usually tie the horses while we enjoy breakfast. (So far he has always still been there, tehee).

Even at his gentle age, he has seen lots and been there. He has yet to let me down.

Schoko competed in the 2010 Breed Challenge (Idaho Horse Expo) he placed 4th out of 10, he was show-casing the versatile APHA Paint horse. Awesome young gelding. At first he was a bit timid about the loudspeakers, but in no time he stepped up and went to work for me. Nice nice gelding.

Lots of expericence in trail riding and Reining training. Started lightly on cows. Finished a few months of Reining Training with Jason Richards, Dec 2009.

Grulla color that will get you noticed. Quiet and the lets go to work attitude. Amateurs or beginners can ride this horse, no spook, just sweetness. This gelding is an honest worker, he will give you his heart and has a gentle spirit. Very nice manners on the ground. No vices and all comes easy with this boy.

He has had Reining training with Jason Richards.

Schoko came in 2nd at the 2006 Horse Affairs, Boise Idaho with Richard Halquist in the covenet Trainer Challenge.
Breeders Trust Nominated                                                                                    
Getting ready to show him in Reining in 2011.
Rides bareback, crosses water, clips and has been to town.


Short Reining Video with Schoko & Jason, working on the stop.

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