SOLD: 2008 – MZ Blue Lou – Bl & Wh Gelding***

Thank you Christy for purchasing this awesome kid, and another bonus, he is our newest boarder and gets to stay here. Woot Woot.


APHA Registered True Black and White Tobiano  (Sterling Oaks Farms – Breeder)   Breeders Trust Nominated

Pedigree  by the Famous Mister Zipper and Blue Denim Zipper his dam is: Saint Louise


This very handsome, just under 16 hands, gelding will be a head turner anywhere you take him. Heavy boned and a appealing pretty head and huge eyes.

He is polite and has had lots of groundwork, bathes, catches with more ease now and is looking for a forever home.

We took him on as a project, and we had great success getting through to him, he had some dental issues that are now corrected, and had bodywork and chiropractic adjustments and lots of back strengthening exercises to get him ready for 45 days of training with Justin Spencer Training of Star.  He had training in the past years, but due to a now healed injury had a long break in his work. He had probably a total of 7 months of professional training in his eight years of life. He didn’t get started until he was four years old and got to be a horse until than without any real work. He should last a long long time and is considered sound and healthy.

He has great big feet (so far he never needed to be shod and stands nicely for the farrier).

We have rehabilitated him and also gave him lots of confidence which he was lacking. He does need a patient and experienced owner and/or a good trainer that is experienced and patient with low esteem issues.  Fast work or cutting corners does not do this boy any good and he will take full advantage of a beginner or a non-leader.

He is a big mover and has awesome movement in all gaits, he moves right out and covers ground. He certainly, besides being a willing trail horse, could succeed in the English Riding World.

We have introduced him to tarps, narrow bridges and a water box and he did everything with ease and very willing, check out the pictures. He did better with the narrow step-up obstacle than some of the broke horses around here.

We also free jumped him, he had hours of longing over poles to help strengthen his back and muscle him up.


Justin, his trainer, mentioned (he returned him December 20, 2016) that he is great on the trail, lopes nice circles, has a good stop and knows his leads, but will need more riding, he had no buck at all.  He does have one issue, (thus needing a patient owner) he had some trauma in the past being saddled and we have worked for the past three months almost daily on this issue. Most of the days he is good about it, but every so often he gets a bit scared and moves around when being saddled and needs a slow approach on that still, but we by no means baby him at saddling time.  He does bath, clip and loads without issues.

Here are a few videos we prepared:    Trail Ride w/ Justin Spencer   (October 2016)        1st Ride at new Trainers and off on a trail Ride they went  (October 2016)    Playing in the Snow  #1   (Snow Videos are taken 12/28/2016)       Playing in the Snow #2      Playing in the Snow #3       Playing in the Snow #4           Playing in the Snow #6      Playing in the Snow #7          Groundwork #1       (Groundwork Videos are from early Oct 2016)      Groundwork #2     Groundwork #3           Groundwork #4       Louie Playing with Blackjack   Cross Ties & picking up feet    (01/27/2017)  First time in cross ties by the way, he is awesome          Saddling and Unsaddling        (01/27/2017)        Going for a Walk                        (01/29/2017)

Link to his Pictures on his FB Album


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