Sold: Reshell Chex – Grulla BS APHA – 2003

Thank you Karen for buying this beautiful mare. She is staying with us to board, awesome. Thank you.



Sire: Pocos Easter Chex x Bueno Chex x King Fritz    Dam: Fancy Cadilac Cowgirl x Buenocowboycadilac x Owyhee Lights

April 25, 2003   787,299 APHA Breeding Stock        Pedigree Chex


Chex came to us through a chance visit at a Sale in 1998. We couldn’t keep our eyes of this pretty lady. She  arrived, pretty much unhandled at our Ranch.  She is sweet, kind and easy to work with. She is up for sale too. She does have an old scare on her front hoof, but it doesn’t seem to concern her too much. She is very well balanced and put together.

Going well under saddle, by February 2011 she had about 2.5 months of steady riding. She now gets out to ride every so often and is always ready to go, no buck on this sweet mare. Good on the trail too.

She has striking  Dun markings also.  Besides her great Champion pedigree, she might just be black gened to top it off. Easy to breed, preg and no problems delivering.

We will put some rides on her soon and the her son, Kokomo, will be weaned in late August 2014.

Meet her 2014 Colt Kokomo 

2014Kokomo2Days (15) 2014Kokomo2Days (3)

 and her 2013 Filly Tanzanite


Check out her 2011 Colt Taos 

2011TaosPhantom (11) 2011TaosPhantom (13)

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