Sold: 2013 – Sir Paddington – Grulla Pinto Gelding

Thank you Shari for giving this handsome boy a forever home in Washington.


Sire: Grulla AQHA from Colorado      Dam: Black & White Paint Mare (papers are lost)

Sir Paddington is a big tobiano grulla dun Gelding. Born May 31, 2013

Video of Sir Paddington

He is awesome and will be big, which is the reason that we didn’t sent him to the trainer until later on and is now (since 01/02/16) with Trina Holton at Pleasant Valley Horse Center in Boise. He is being a great trainee.  By mid April he had about 60 rides in all gaits. Trina says he is doing great with his side passing and backups. Nice stop is coming too. Quiet guy. He still needs a confident rider and not quite suitable for a beginner yet.   He was at the Horse Expo in 2015 and also spent time there in 2016. Loved the attention he is getting for certain.

He could be registered with the Pinto Association.

Beautiful mover and he really wants to please and learn. He was a bit reactive to plastic bags, but is getting less so, but they do scare him a bit. We can do lots of fun things with him, he pivots and is starting to side pass real well. He is great on the longe line already, is doing real well with his horsemanship and is easy to bath and catch. Works well with the farrier. Loads in the trailer with ease and he is totally enjoying his pets and time with us. Curious boy that will be a charmer and will stand out in a crowd.

July 4, 2015

PaddingtinJuly (12) PaddingtinJuly (22) PaddingtinJuly (26) PaddingtinJuly (41) PaddingtinJuly (96)

April 1, 2015

PaddingtonApril (133)PaddingtonApril (24)   PaddingtonApril (197) PaddingtonApril (227) PaddingtonApril (228) PaddingtonApril (160)

More pictures here:


P1060032 P1060033  Trailer Training with Leland Davis


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