Sold: 2010 – Colored N Smart Too – Black Tobiano Filly (Smarty)

She is headed to Star Idaho as a family horse. Thank you.    

APHA #983,481      Pedigree        Born April 2010

Dam: Sonny Desert Storm       Sire: Colored N Smart 

Smarty, as we call her, is growing into herself, gaining muscle and filling out.

She is a sweetheart with lots of heart and try and no buck at all, she will even be a novice riders dream with some more professional training.

After being off since October 2014 to no time to ride, I started to tune her a few weeks ago and love her try. She is feeling well now, and is picking up the pace some. She has a great whoa out of all gaits, knows her lead, side passes and has good body control, her neck rein is doing well for the intermediate riding she had. She is getting soft in my hands and is currently ridden in a dog bone snaffle. I been working her almost daily now and she is getting in shape and I have added time to her workout.

She meets you in the pasture and on most days waits for you at the gate. She has impeccable ground manners too. Is great on a trail, crosses water and has a big heart to try anything for you. She has been to a couple trail challenges and always placed.

Anyone that meets this awesome girl, can’t help themselves and fall in love with her. Very friendly and a snuggle bug, first to come and meet you in the pasture every time when called.

She could be a natural for Western Pleasure btw.

She was behind in her growth due to a small injury she received at the Boise Fair in the Roundpen in 2013, it bloomed into a staff infection in her hind leg and we had to doctor her for 8 months and keep her from gaining too much weight to make her whole again, throughout that ordeal of being stall bound and just receiving daily hand walks, she was an absolute angel, never got crouchy, greeted everyone with a whinny and pleasant attitude.  She had her front feet trimmed every 4 weeks at that time to help keep the toe from getting too long. She will need a good farrier program, most likely for the rest of her life due the staff infection causing a light capsule rotation that has been resolved, but my farrier thinks she can’t go 8 or more weeks without hoof care. The vet deemed her sound too. She will not be suited for hard show work anymore, we believe, but long trail rides and arena work are no issue.

Previous: After a year long break, due do a small injury, a trainer, Barbara Carlson, started to ride Smarty again in Sept 2013, she rode off like it was yesterday.  She was ridden throughout the winter lightly and on January 4th, 2014, she received 2 months of additional training with Justin Spencer. Lots of trail riding was in her future. She did awesome and he was excited about her quietness and willingness to please. Tune-up for a week June 2015 by Justin Spencer Training.




Dec 2012 Pictures




August 2012 Pics

This is one great filly. Don’t miss out owning this gorgeous Paint. Get her now and send her to your trainer of choice for Finishing. As of August 2012 she has had 45 light rides, including some trail rides. She is quiet, willing and has never offered to be ill mannered or to buck. Youth horse down the road for sure. Due to receiving an injury at the Fair 2012 we had to stop riding her and restarted her in Sept 2013, without any issues.

Stormy did it again, gorgeous grulla and white Tovero Filly (homozygous for sure).

Born in the pasture with little help, we had a Ten Mile Riding Club Board meeting and had to move it to the Pasture (Club Pasture Meeting) and watched the rest of the birth and helped her up and in the stall for a warm drink of milk.

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