Sold: Tix – Palomino Gelding – Unregistered – 2002

Thank you Meagan for buying this beautiful boy, you and him will have lots of fun together.  Happy Graduation.

2002 – Unregistered Golden Palomino with lots of heart and go…..


English Video #1     English Video #2


Video – Final Day of Training         Longer Video – Final Day of Training


Tix being introduced to cattle,  thank you Kim for taking him    

Golden Ticket (Tix) is a very pretty boy.  He is 3/4 quarter horse and a 1/4 Arabian. He certainly is handsome. And could be registered with a Palomino color breed association.

With his past owners he spent lots of time trail riding and as a hunting horse and than just being a therapy and pasture pet for their church group.

Tix has great ground manners and just finished 8 weeks (Feb 2012) of  tune up training with  in Grand View.  Tix has a nice stop on him, beautiful mover, collects nicely and a willing partner. Shannon enjoyed him. He had a great start in his younger years, but hasn’t had much arena riding in the past years due to his owners just trail riding, which he really likes, no fear of water, will cross pretty much all down fall, Shannon made him step up on tires, big trunks and rode him into the Snake River a few times.  He does have a go button too, he does need a confident rider.

Short Video (after two weeks with Shannon)

Longer Video  (Training Session with Shannon working on left Lead after just 2 weeks)

He is willing, but shouldn’t go to a true beginner, since he is a smart kid and knows it and might take the reins into his own hooves, but a confident beginner working under the guidance of trainer will do just fine with him. He has never offered to buck or rear.

He is current on all vaccines and had his dental in November 2011. We purchased him for our grandkids, but he is too much horse for them being only 10 and 8. Stands like a perfect gentleman for the farrier. He goes barefoot & shod.

 Shannon used Tix in a few lessons with clients.


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